Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Santa Fe Goldworks

I love this ring. Or, one really close to it (the diamonds were slightly larger and closer together). T and I saw it at Santa Fe Goldworks while shopping in the plaza, and it's the first wedding band I've seen in a store that I got that "ohmygoshihavetohaveit" feeling about. But I wasn't even shopping for a wedding band, because I don't really need one...

You see, I already have a band I can use. I have a beautiful band that my grandfather bought my grandmother from H. Stern when they were in Rio years ago. I love that its a family ring, and that I'd wear a ring from my grandmother and one T's. The ring itself is beautiful. The only thing that makes me hesitate is this: its white gold. And my engagement ring is yellow gold. This doesn't really bother me now, because I do mix metals (silver class ring, silver bangles, silver charm bracelet, gold necklace, gold rings, etc.). I would love to keep wearing my silver jewelry, and having a white gold band to wear (either with or without my engagement ring) would make the look more cohesive. Plus, the rings look good together (despite the difference in metals), IMHO.

But, what if, in 15 years, I don't think that mixing metals is a great look? Am I going to wish I had a yellow gold band too?

I also love the idea of getting a ring handmade in Santa Fe. We were going to get T a Tiffany's band, but I would love to find him a ring at Santa Fe Goldworks, too. Then our rings would coordinate (not match), and would both come from a very special place to us. We love having family heirlooms, but it would be nice to have something "our own," too.

What do you think?

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