Monday, February 7, 2011

Wedding Dress Shopping: What to Bring

  1. Moral support. Mom, godmother, grandmother, future sister-in-law; whoever you can trust to give you honest feedback--but also tell you that you look beautiful!
  2. A strapless bra and Skinny Britches (or similar slimming shorts). You'll be hopping in and out of a lot of dresses, and it's nice to be a little more covered. Many of the nicer boutiques will have strapless bras you can use, but it's nice to have your own (especially if you're not a 34B, which is apparently a very popular size).
  3. A hairbrush for primping between dresses and veils (I chose my Mason Pearson, of course). Also: hair ties or clips for imagining updos.
  4. High heels (or whatever shoes you plan on wearing). They don't have to be "the" shoes, but I chose to bring the tallest shoes I could walk in. Especially if you're short (like me), the dresses are going to look very different with varying amounts of added height! Again, nice stores will have ones you can borrow, but it's nice to have your own.
  5. Water, chapstick, and mints. They won't let you eat or drink anywhere near the gowns, but it's good to hydrate between shops or during breaks!
  6. Camera or camera phone. Many boutiques won't let you take pictures, but just in case, it's nice to have with you. It can be hard to keep straight a dozen different white dresses!
  7. Pen and paper. If you can't take a picture, at least you can write down the information! This is also helpful to keep track of information (like when you have to order by, rush shipping fees, tailoring fees) that you'll want to compare later on.
  8. Not much else. You don't want to be lugging around a duffel bag between boutiques. I would recommend scheduling 2-3 stops a day (but not any more!). That seems to be the right amount to keep all the dresses in your mind's eye, without totally exhausting you. Okay, you'll be totally exhausted, but at least you'll still be able to think at the end of the day. Any more than 3 is too much!

What did you bring wedding dress shopping? What do you wish you'd brought?

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