Saturday, February 26, 2011

For the rehearsal dinner

The event:
The night before the wedding, held at a fun/dressy casual restaurant Southwestern restaurant across the street from our church. 6pm, June. Indoor/outdoor patio.

The inspiration:
A little bit Palm Beach, a little bit picnic, a little bit Santa Fe. Turquoise, yellow, or white. Short. Cotton. Cardigan? Jack Rogers and pearls.

The dresses:
I'm having a much harder time finding dresses online that I like for this event. Here are some of the contenders.

Suzi Chin



Amanda Archer @Etsy

J. Crew


Help, please!


  1. I like the Watters one if you want to go a little more on the dressy side. I kind of like this because the white is kind of "hey look at me, I'm the bride!!! yayy!" However, if you want to go a little more casual I like the J Crew or Amanda Archer in colors.

  2. hey there - where can you purchase that watter's dress? i cannot find it on the site and i love it. thanks for sharing - please let me know