Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Succulents & Sweet Tea

Southern Wedding Magazine never fails me...

I love the seating at this elegant backyard reception in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Look, no tent! I wish we had the luxury of weather that predictable up in DC!

We will definitely be serving sweet tea at the wedding, and, most likely, organic lemonade (see here for my love of the stuff!). I think this presentation is so simple & lovely, and yet elegant, too.

Don't they just look so happy! And, I think this is one of the nicest outdoor dance floors I've seen.


  1. sweet tea and lemonade - oh to be a lucky guest!!

  2. maria again! i love this lemonade table, stunning. the wedding i just attended served lavendar lemonade, sounded a little weird, but was heavenly.
    forgot to answer the cardiac question. i started medsurg/oncology at sibley. the oncology portion killed me, i was crying everyday. then we moved to florida and their medsurg was combined into telemetry, which scared me but then i came to enjoy it and that's what ive been doing every since.
    when and where will your wedding take place, so exciting