Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pre-Wedding Yoga

I like the idea of doing a bridal party yoga session (not in our dresses as above) the morning of the wedding. I think it would a nice way to relax and destress before the big day. However, a friend of mine thinks it sounds like I'm trying to get one more "workout" in for my bridesmaids, and will be "just one more mandated activity" during the wedding weekend. What do you think?

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  1. I'm not a yoga person. I just cannot get into it (I'm too impatient). I would totally participate, though, and be happy to do so. I'm not just your bridesmaid but your friend also and would have no problem doing whatever activities you wanted to do that day. IMO, it doesn't sound at all like you're trying to get in a is pretty well known as being good for destressing so I don't really get your friend's comment. The only negative I see is that you might have a timing issue. Depending on how closely things are scheduled, I could see someone getting stressed that she wasn't getting to use that time for prepping. Maybe tell them that you'll be doing yoga out on the deck at X time and whoever wants to join is welcome and the rest can sit inside with mimosas (or whatever you'll all be doing).